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Try before you buy.

This website is a "try before you buy" service that gives you the opportunity to try assets in the context of your project without having to buy it upfront. The Asset Store / Marketplaces are not providing demo version of the assets like all other digital goods that you can purchase on the Internet. Anything you can buy online, you always have a money back guarantee, but not with game assets. Worse, they have setup with the publisher a "no refund" policy so that if you buy something to test it and it is not working as intended, you are screwed, and Paypal will not refund you.
Because of this, this website was created to provide in accordance to the Fair Use Doctrine, a way to test assets before buying them. The usage of these assets is strictly for reviewing, learning and doing research. If you are using them in a product, you muust buy them.

A list of strict rules have been created and are enforced by moderators to prevent copyright infringement and insure that people are using this website as intended. Therefore the downloads are limited, and you cannot spread downloaded assets from here on another website. (the infamous rule 10). If we catch you, you are banned.
Our staff is at Discord chasing fireflies, you can ask more questions there.

Creation of this website

This community was born in 2013. We had many stories and many attacks from everywhere, specially from Publishers like Chris West, Cobus Saunderson (3dForge) and Terashen, but with the members contributions and support, we are still here. Like a good wine, the more we stay, the better we taste.

This place is a participation powered community. .
Register now. If you think that it is a bit confusing contact us at Discord

Patron Levels

During 4 years I have supported all the cost of building and hosting this community. But in January 2017, I have decided to create a Patron system so that the members are sharing the cost of this community. Money is the engine of this world, we cannot deny this, and without money this community would have died. The Patronage is a monthly contribution starting at $10. It is working like a normal library where you can check the books but have to pay an entrance fee that will cover the cost of maintenance. This place is NON PROFIT. This place is maintained by volunteers and all the money is invested in paying the bills the time spent in development, the hosting and assets. Patrons also have access to the private discord chats and forums. This patronage gives an immediate Rank to the ones who don't have a Rank yet. For the already high ranked members, they can pay the minimum fee and enjoy their rank and privileges and can test more stuff. The real rank has priority to the one given by the patronage. For the newbies, having a high level can give them access to a high rank effortlessly.
Being a Patron double your daily credits.
Currently this community does not allow non patron to download exclusives, but this may change in the future.
For donation, and privileges please check the donation page located here.

How the ranking works?

Basically we calculate the best user score and slice it into 13. This determinate how many score credits you need to go from one Rank to another.
Imagine a Role Playing Game. You need EXP to get to the new level. This website is working the same, just as Diablo does! As I write, 'Indieme' has the highest score (735). So to move from one Rank to another you need 735/13= 56 score credits. Each Rank gives you more daily credits and more privileges, when you are highly ranked we say that you are 'retired' as you can pretty much download everything you want when you want it. If your score is too high (1000+), we 'crown' you and exit you from the ranking pyramid to avoid having too much gap between ranks.

What are the daily credits (or spontaneous credits)?

Every day, your daily credits are reset and you can download again (Bangkok time, check the clock at the top right to see when you credits will reset).
If you don't use your daily credits, they are lost. They vanish in the air at the end of the day and are re-created the next day.
You cannot transfer these credits to someone else.
Rank 0 cannot download Exclusives, but starting at 1, you get 1 Exclusive / day. And the more you rank the more daily credits you will get.
It is all based on participation. If you want to get something, you need to do something else in exchange.

What are the Permanent credits?

As if it was not complicated enough, I have introduced the permanent credits that you earn when you participate. These credits are not reset every day, they are permanent. These are the virtual money you can use to tip, reward, give exchange or pay inside this community. For example when you upload something, and you are rank 1, you will get +500 MB of Bandwidth +1 download files and + 2 exclusive credits. When you download something, the system will first remove the daily credits, then, if there is not enough will use the permanent credits you accumulated. What you see in the "Your Credits" drop down is the total of the daily credits and the permanent credits. It is how much you can use in one day.
Only the permanent credits can be given to others or used to tip and in the rewards. They are the internal virtual money of the website.

How many Daily credits do I have?

Daily credits are given every day to reward long time users about their contribution. It is considered as some sort of retirement plan, or a bit of socialism. Here are the calculation, you can find these in the Community menu just before the Heartbeat.

How to improve your Score / Ranking?

Uploading something that gets approved gives you +2 credits, +1 file, +500 MB of bandwidth and 2 exclusive permanent credit(s). In addition to that, every Thanks you get (that mean every download you get from this contribution) gives you another +2 to your score. So if you upload something really popular, you might get hundred of credits in each category.

Writing a good quality review, with at least 1500 characters of explanation and advices about an asset, gives you +5 score credits and 5 exclusive credit

Writing a relevant comments that passes our approval gives you +1 point

Downloading something gives you nothing.

Internet connection and interrupted downloads.

You can download the same file 5 times in a 01 days 07:01:05 period of time. If you download 5 times the same file in this period of time, it will be accounted 1 time only.

What is happening if you are crowned?

If you reach 1000+ credits, you are crowned. This means that you are exited from the statistics and do not have to worry about the download limits. However, there are 2 solutions. Crowned members can become member of the staff (moderators) or not. It is up to the admin and the individual to decide. We may need more staff, or not. Crowned members are not exempt of membership. They have the maximum privileges but are like others members of the club and need to pay the monthly club membership fee to use their features. If they do not, their account is off until they are active again. Because they are not in the statistics, crowned user can always donate and use their membership even if we are closed because all the member's seats are filled.

Cron tasks

The rankings are re-calculated every day at Midnight (bangkok time) (so at 12:00 am EST)
The daily credits are reset at Midnight (bangkok time) (so at 12:00 am EST)
The magazines are refreshed every day (books, updates, cleaning) between 3am to 5am(bangkok time) (so at 3pm/5pm EST)
The new assets are evaluated 2 times in the day, at 8am and 6pm (bangkok time) (so at 8pm and 6am EST)

You have probably noticed that there is 12h difference between NY, Miami and Bangkok, and 6h difference between Paris (winter hour) 5h (summer hours) and Bangkok.

Credits and Rewards table

Ranking & Reward Table Permanent Exclusive Bonus * Permanent Credit Files * Permanent Credit Bandwidth * Score *
Ranking Daily: rank/2 Daily: rank/2+1 Daily: rank*500 Mb+100 Mb Total: (thanks/10)+(uploads*2)+(reviews*3)
Uploading a new file +2 +1 + 500 MB +2
Updating an existing file + 2 + 1 + 500 MB + 2
Comment Writing 0 0 0 +0.50
Review Writing + 5 + 5 + 500 MB + 5
Your Asset Download (your thanks) 0 0 0 +0.10
Copyright owner gain per download 0 0 0 +0.10
Profile Extra Info 0 0 0 +10
Profile Gravatar 0 0 0 +10
Tutorial Writing +2 +5 +500 Mb +5

* Permanent exclusive bonuses are also named EXP or Exclusive Credits with a thumbs up symbol . Each exclusive bonus can be used to download an exclusive file.

* Permanent credit files has this symbol in the menu bar and are the number of files that you can download each day. These are reset every day.

* Permanent credit bandwidth has this symbol in the menu bar and is the bandwidth you are allowed every day. It resets every day.

* Your score is your participation and is used to calculate your rank.

Rank limited features

FSC has many features that are available only to certain ranks. Here are the list of them so that you can check how far you are to get these features.

Rank >=3 - Minimum rank to see the hidden products
Rank >=0 - Minimum rank to download something directly (0= everyone can download)
Rank >=7 - Minimum rank to see what others are downloading in their stats
Rank >=5 - Minimum Rank to see the archive
Rank >=4 - Minimum rank to see a popup with what is inside the zip file
Rank >=5 - Minimum rank to see the decrypt Unity headers button
Rank >=3 - Minimum rank to see another basic profile
Rank >=10 - Minimum rank to see another user downloads in his profile
Rank >=1 - Minimum rank to see your own download list
Rank >=8 - Minimum rank to be able to use the future release features that shows what will be release and when.
Rank >=1 - Minimum rank to see other's ranks and the global community ranks
Rank >=2 - Minimum rank to see the private torrents (when torrents are activated)
Rank >=1 - Minimum rank to see the others name
Rank >=5 - Minimum Rank to use the anonymizer function
Rank >=1 - Minimum rank to use the speed download feature
Rank >=10 - Minimum to see the sparkles
Rank >=5 - Minimum rank to use the randomize function


The badges have nothing to do with the ranks, they only gives your current status.

= Donator level: Supporter
= Donator level: No-Brainer
= Donator level: Gold (Lifetime).
= Honorable status (for exceptional help and contribution)
= Editor
= Administrator

Rules version 1.72: (revised: 5th September 2016)

We have set rules so that this website is functioning and is fair for everyone. Of course no rule is perfect and some might not like some points, but so far it is working and I do not plan to change the base of the rules in the future.
Every one must abide to the rules of the website or face a permanent ban.

1- Do Not Upload Files that are Fake, Infected or Spam... do not upload files that are with wrong versions, modified or duplicate of what we already have.

2- No bullying, no insults and no bad behavior is tolerated.

3- No duplicate accounts. If we find one we ban both account.

4- Donators are getting x2 number of daily exclusives.

5- Good description is mandatory. Reviews must be original. Plagiarism is forbidden. Anyone copy/paste content in the reviews will be banned.

6- Link to the commercial source where anyone can buy the product is mandatory.

7- Choose your Username & Avatar wisely, Anything obscene, hateful, racist or violating rules will be removed. Nudity in your avatar is also not allowed. Stupid nicknames like aaaa or qwerty will be blocked.

9- Sharing elsewhere our non-exclusive files is ok as soon as the read me inside the zip is left intact and unchanged.

10- Sharing elsewhere our exclusive files is not ok and if we catch someone doing it, we will block his account and block his IP range/ISP/City or whatever to make sure he cannot come here again.

11- using disposable e-mail address to register is not authorized, account that uses yopmail, etc... will not be accepted. Tor browsers are mostly blocked, account using it will be cancelled.

12a- Trying to hack the website, deceit members, or to fool the system by using schemes, having multiple accounts is not authorized. We usually blacklist hackers and cheaters for good.

12b- Speculation with credits is forbidden, schemes to increase score or collect credits are forbidden. The tools provided to transfer the virtual money must be used the way the are designed.

13- This is a private community. Nothing is made to be shared outside to the public. Copyright owners employees are not allowed to enter, anyone working for the Copyright owners, applying to be member is doing a breach of our privacy rights.

14- The administration holds no responsibility for any legal or copyright Issues. Each user should personally check local copyright laws and regulations and the rules of their internet service provider before using this website, use this website at your own risk.


The ranks are logs of your contribution to the website (uploads, reviews, thanks) and a calculation is made to give you a ranking. There are 15 rankings corresponding each to 15% of the top rank of FSC. For example if you have a score of 900 and the highest user has a score of 1000, then you are in the top 15% and your rank is 15. If your score is 32, then you are in the bottom 15% and your rank is 1.

Here are all the ranks:
Rank 0
Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3
Rank 4
Rank 5
Rank 6
Rank 7
Rank 8
Rank 9
Rank 10
Rank 11
Rank 12
Rank 13
Rank 14

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