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Game Kit Controller (0 comments) View Product

Great Active Asset
by UnityAsset_3179
Developer constantly working on this asset. Well worth the money to buy. You can use this without any coding experience. You will need to replace the models and sounds as they are very basic but are good as an example. You may be put off initially when using it but put in the time and you will find how deep this asset is. It has vehicles, gravity s more.

Event System - Dispatcher (0 comments) View Product

Event Dispatcher Is Easy And Straight Forward To Use... Great For Beginners
by Unity3d_1655
I`ve got a bit of a research fetish for event systems. I feel like i`ve tried them all in order to create that perfect `nirvana` game pattern where code writes effortlessly and everything is loosely decoupled and extendable. Event dispatcher is one of several event messaging systems i really enjoy working with. In fact i would say if you are lookin more.

Curvy Splines (0 comments) View Product

Curvy Spline`s Helped Me Solve Several Problems Quickly And Easily
by Unity3d_751
I`ve worked with a lot of different pathing/camera related assets. Curvy splines is one of the ones i`ve used in actual commercial games and to create the kind of effects i need. There are many possible uses for curvy spline. It is basically great anywhere you need to have a gameobject follow a specific path and be able to slow and speed up or reve more.

Odin - Inspector and Serializer (0 comments) View Product

Odin Is Without A Doubt The Most Critical Asset In My Toolkit
by Unity3d_3321
There are quite a few great assets on the unity asset store that i like to include in my projects. One however stands out above all the rest. In fact i would say i would give up nearly all my other assets before i would ever want to part with odin. If you are a real beginner or just working on small projects, you will not really understand the full more.

DoozyUI: Complete UI Management System (0 comments) View Product

Doozy Is A Powerful Asset That Goes Far Beyond Simple UI Management
by UnityAsset_2363
In one of my earlier reviews i mentioned odin as the #1 asset i include in all my projects. This is asset is for sure the #2 must asset i have that i always include. When i first came across doozy i really thought it was going to be like a fancy ngui or just ugui with some templates. Instead, doozy really shines by providing you a clear workflow pi more.

World Creator Standard (0 comments) View Product

It`s One Of The Better Terrain Creation Tools.
by UnityAsset_3734
World creator is a very capable and powerful tool but what really sets it apart from the competition is its full feature capability.
for me, the most important features are built-in tiling and masks. The masks can be drawn and edited in realtime within the editor, so you don`t need to load a new mask every time you make an edit so you can more.

I2 Localization (0 comments) View Product

Excellent Localization Tool
by Unity3d_897
I`ve been using the tool for managing translations among multiple people and groups. It exports to a google sheets which makes it easier to share with translators without having to surrender the source code of my game to someone! Or working out of confabulated formats and ways.

it`s completely compatible with google drive and you more.

Gaia 2 - Terrain & Scene Generator (0 comments) View Product

Procedural Terrain In A Few Clicks
by Unity3d_901
I am working as a cg artist and it's really hard to work on building a complete environment in unity 3d from scratch. And that too when we are looking into creating open world large environments based on multiple instances of vegetation. That's when i heard about gaia from one of my colleagues and i immediately downloaded it to experience more.

Third Person Controller - Shooter Template (0 comments) View Product

I Love It!
by Unity3d_170
Invector is probably the best template for any 3rd person shooter/melee game, it gives you a massive headstart on the production line instead of writing all the basic code from scratch.
it has support for other unity assets that can work together with invector seamlessly, for example:
crafting system addon
climbing system ad more.

Gaia 2 - Terrain & Scene Generator (0 comments) View Product

by UnityAsset_499
Gaia is one of the best assets available for fast terrain and world generation without sacrificing quality and artistic control. Before the pros, one of the biggest con of this asset that i personally faced was a lack of good documentation and tutorial given how huge the asset is both in size and functions. There is no official scripting or part by more.

DOTween Pro (0 comments) View Product

Must Have For Anyone
by Unity3d_4171
Dotween is a tweening library, it allows you to easily create tweens for movement, fading, rotations etc.
this is a great asset for every game developer out there.


* you can animate anything with this. You can even draw, animate paths.
* you don't have to use unity's built-in animator more.

OVER 80 RPG CHARACTERS W ANIMATIONS (0 comments) View Product

Good Asset Pack, But Falls Short Of Great
by Unity3d_533
Hiring a pixel artist to make custom characters for your games is very expensive. I know that artists spend lot of time and effort on their art, but getting a full set of characters for your rpg can cost thousands of dollars! Considering that you probably don't want to spend months of your salary on artwork, premade packs are the way to go. more.

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