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Fantasy Dungeon 02/Jul/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: SilverTM 1.1 Product ID: 66060 90 4 92 92 5 1

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Fantasy Dungeon(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_147 , Last change: 02-07-2018
Published: 26 Jun 2018, Publisher: SilverTM
Price: $90.00 USD - Size: 573.56 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 2017.1.0f3 | Asset Published Date: 26 Jun 2018 | Price: $90.00.
Publisher: SilverTM.
DescriptionStart making your fantasy game with the creation of the incredible beauty of the dungeon! In this pack you will find all you need to start.
More than 300 high-quality models of walls, doors, columns, floors, roofs, web, bones, sewage and much more ...

This pack includes:

- 105 textures

- Texture Sizes from 128x128 (FX and base) to 2048x2048 (Wall,Roof,Column,etc.)

- 321 meshes

- 2 demo scenes include

- Range of Tris (Min and Max) – 3-36539 tris

- All meshes have a LOD and Collision

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Great quality asset by Anon_704Vote
This 3D pack certainly exceeded my expectations, the quality of the textures is great, and has a lot of content inside, every prefab has 3 LODs already set up.
It comes with the usual modular pieces (walls, roofs, stairs, arches, columns), but also includes some curved pieces that gives this asset some variety.
The props include chandeliers, torches, bones, chains, some gears and levers, pipes, some jail props and some spider webs. Nothing very out there, but all very functional.
It also includes a sewer system to make it more interesting (nothing crazy, 4 tunnel prefabs and some entrances/sewer doors) that like the whole asset looks great.

While the props all look great, the main problem I have is that theres not much variety, there are a lot of modular parts, but everything looks the same, bricks and more bricks (only 2 materials for walls), it could been nice if they added some other type of wall material (wood, concrete, gold, or even different bricks), or some panels or decals, Its not a deal breaker (most of us probably have enough textures as is), but for a $90 I would have expected a little more variety.

The included shaders look great, theyre nothing fancy but are suitable (the flames that come with the asset look really good though).
Some of the geometry have more triangles that probably needed, but its nothing big (actually its very little nitpick.)

The best part of the asset is the modularity, you have tons of pieces to mix and match or to create varied level layouts, all in all this is a very good dungeon asset, well set up from the box with no tweaking needed.
In my opinion, the highest quality dungeon set! by Anon_208Vote
I recently tested this asset and have to say: This can be the very best set of art textures for dungeon models currently live in the asset store! There are many things to enjoy about this dungeon kit, which I will explain below.

Art Quality: Top notch! High resolution does not necessarily mean good art, and there are few things game developer hate more than high resolution ugly art textures (bad performance, painful for eyes). However, this asset only looks better with higher resolution, and is even suitable for VR with no pixelation artifacting in the art texture when zooming in plenty. The art is really well done, and not only is each individual model beautiful, but also the theme is consistent and everything glue together very nicely. The art is flexibile as well, suiting many different atmospheres with the style of the models as long as proper color grading effect is used. All the models in this asset use a material shader which is made using Shader Forge asset. It contains 2 keywords I think, so if you are already at the shader keyword limit, be aware. You can easily replace the custom shaders with Unity 5 Standard PBR shader and with some fiddling of sliders, you may achieve a nearly identical result, so the custom shader is not very important.

Model Usability: Also excellent. Prefabs fit together nicely, and a wonderful demo scene is made to showcase the extensive use of the models. I really enjoy that you can create multi-level dungeons in the same room with the available models, something that many similar dungeon prefab kits fail horribly. This allows for a game scope to feel much larger, and is quite suitable for AAA level games. Even if you are small production, there are so many well assembled and organized prefab sets, you can easily build a great level as one man team.

Overall: A++. I have quite a few dungeon prefab kits I like very much, but this can be my number 1. An excellent artistic model set with PBR pipeline in mind, rather than slapping on PBR later to make more money. You can tell lots of great work went into this asset. Just view the demo scene for yourself. You will not be disappointed!
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