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Ultimate Fantasy Creator 07/Jul/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: Aquarius Max 2.4 Product ID: 49313 50 4 90 90 5 1

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Ultimate Fantasy Creator(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_2053 , Last change: 07-07-2018
Published: 15 Apr 2018, Publisher: Aquarius Max
Price: $50.00 USD - Size: 1.38 GB

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Minimum Unity Version Required: 5.6.0f3 | Asset Published Date: 15 Apr 2018 | Price: $50.00.
Publisher: Aquarius Max.
Description**Version 2.4 brings the "main" textures more up to today's standards of graphics.

This update features many of the pre-existing textures enhanced and /or changed, to better blend with the package.
The qualities are now appropriate for the package, and the textures have been carefully re-made to work in any type of lighting.**

(Version: 2.3 PBR Cave and Rocks Environments Update! See "versions" tab below for new content! )

This kit is a great starter kit for anyone new to Unity, or experienced users.
As this kit is complete with many different styles of art and design.
All 3D models, particles, and environment pieces, great for creating at least a good 80% of a game! This kit does not come with any characters, or game logic.
Please use Unity Version 5.6.0 or higher to access all content included!



Only packages specified here are a part of this kit, all of my other packages are separate, unless stated otherwise!

-Dungeon's Explorer Kit (Asset Package)

-Trees Packs 1.0 and 2.0

-Furniture Set 1.0

This package is mostly complete, and may or may not feature any more updates.


This package consists of support for the following types of builds:




-Towns, Villages, Cities






-Environments: Rocks, Trees

-And much more!

(Each with hundreds of different build types, giving you great control over what you'd like to build!)


With this full release, this package includes a total of over 4,000+ HD Modular Prefabs! (Combine all sharing textures/ materials, giving you a great estimate of well over 7,500+ prefabs!)

This is a specially designed package, to fill most needs for a great pick-up for medieval and fantasy style builds! Some pieces included are higher detailed / quality, whereas others are lower detailed / quality.
So any style / quality of game will work for this.


Come see the README for more info, or to learn about all of the Material Sharing possibilities: Ultimate Fantasy README


This package has been split up into different folders per category:

(New) PBR Update (Houses and Castles + Rocks and Caves Environments):

Featuring 100+ modular cave / Rock prefabs.
Rather than going with the organic cave setup via "corridors," these pieces feature a large supply of modular rocks, so included as 1-sided, to build small or large cave scenes.
These Rocks are also great for general environments as well.
Not only that, but also included are new sculpted candle models, and "Ancient Builds" featuring Axtec-like modular walls and pillars, great for dressing up your caves!

Houses and Castles: are some of my modular pieces similar to those from my "Ultimate Medieval Constructor" kit on the Asset Store, but with different texture looks.
These are a new supply of modular castle wall pieces, but also a large supply of modular house wall pieces! (Exterior only) You can create many an option with these pieces included, and add just that much more value to the package!

Furniture Set 1.0:

Featuring about a few dozen different furniture prefabs for now..
prefabs like beds, shelves, curtains, carpets, dressers, etc..

Caves 2.0:

Adding over 100 new cave prefabs to combine with the old cave prefabs included.
You can now create detailed cave environments and hundreds of different rock formations!

Fantasy Fae:

New FAE trees and forest prefabs, great for enchanted forests, or Fae-like environments.

-Dungeon's Explorer Kit: Featured previously on the asset store, now a part of this kit, featuring fully modular dungeon creation elements, great for all game types!

Medieval Housing Creator: This folder consists of mostly everything you will need for housing creation, along with full support for designing large towns or cities! With over 800 modular housing prefabs to create with! This is your go-to folder when you are looking to dress up your scenes.

Prefabs (Ultimate Set): These are the folders for most of this package, featuring thousands of modular prefabs for many types of level creations and designs along with class-type builds depending on your game styles.
Whether you are looking to create detailed castle scenes, or searching through the dark cemetery, or designing full architectures with unique wall types, or diving deep into a cave in search of rare minerals, there are so many possibilities to create using these prefabs! From my experience, there are almost endless amounts of creations possible.

Tree Pack 1.0 and 2.0: These are my tree models included in this package.
These trees do not have any armatures, so may not work well with wind zones, but are great for dressing up your scenes.
Or used for early prototyping.

Ultimate Fantasy LITE: Incase you have not downloaded the (free) LITE version, it is still included in this package.



2048res and 1024res.
With Normals, Specular, and Occlusion Maps included.
512- 1024res Particle and Nature Textures.

Everything in this package is modular!

Take a house model, and place the windows and doors however you want around the mesh.
Build your castle models designed how you want them to look! (position the towers, drawbridges, gates, or whatever, exactly where you want them to be!) Having a fully modular kit in your possession, allows you to create your game with the style that you want to have, with minimal worry about repetition from others!


Come check out my Website below for more info and README, or to play the "Marketplace," "Bandit Camp," or "Ultimate Playground" Web Demos! (Please note, these web demos were made using the Alpha and Beta versions of this package!)

Thanks, Please leave a review or comment below, and let me know what you think, or how my package may have helped you!

Aquarius Max Design
Anon_199 say: Can someone please update this to 2.3
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Massive bundle of clean and efficient fantasy assets by Anon_715Vote
A great deal of fantastic assets for a comparatively small price tag (especially if you can get it on sale as I did). There are literally thousands of models are available in this package, most of them AAA quality in that theyre nice looking and have clean and detailed materials, but are low-poly enough to be used even in mobile games if needed. I can attest to this last point personally, as thats how I use them, and there are very few models Ive come across so far in this package that Ive had to give up on for poly counts being too high (the texture maps have to be resized of course, but Unity handles that automatically). In this bundle, theres models for everything from forests, caves, medieval towns, churches, castles, etc, all of them efficient, pretty in a plain low-poly kind of way, and eminently usable.

The author has arranged a great deal of these assets into example scenes, showing how they can be used together to make complex game environments, and while there are no characters included, I dont think its an exaggeration to say that this package alone can get many fantasy RPG projects more than halfway complete in terms of asset creation in one well swoop. Theres not a lot thats missing here, and its definitely worth the cost. Speaking of cost, the author has a tendency to increase his prices as he continues adding more assets to the collection- I purchased it for half off and spent US$25 I believe on an earlier version with less than half as many prefabs, but now the full asset price is up to $85. I dont know if hes now done adding onto it now, or if he plans to continue building it up, but the smart money would be to grab this the next time its on sale if youre at all interested. It would be rather painful to put it off only to have the price double at some time next year (and it could, and it would still be worth it in my opinion).

Worth noting that many of the assets here are on the boxy side, as low-poly models tend to be, and many materials are a bit overly clean. I personally have a strong preference for this over higher poly counts, smoother more rounded assets, and materials with more personality. I feel that a good artist can add depth and beauty only within the margin of resources left when all of the necessities in a scene are taken care of, and these models take care of the necessities in a big way, while leaving a lot of room for art in places/scenes that can use it. For instance, swap out rocks for some of the Photorealistic Stones package, add some vines to the walls, splurge on some extra polys to make a beautiful fountain center-piece in your town, dirty up the materials a bit where needed, and you can have a fabulous looking AAA scene in no time. Thats not just possible, but easy, precisely because the base models and materials are so clean and efficient here. I would say you cant pay for that kind of starting point, but it turns out you can- and it doesnt even cost much.
You can add a review to this game asset and send it to approval (you can edit it later)

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