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Screenshot Creator 19/Jan/2019 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: DarkArts Studios Product ID: 66042 20 4 72 72 5 1

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Screenshot Creator(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_920 , Last change: 19-01-2019
Published: 07 Nov 2018, Publisher: DarkArts Studios
Price: $20.00 USD - Size: 3.28 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 2018.2.0f2 | Asset Published Date: 07 Nov 2018 | Price: $20.00.
Publisher: DarkArts Studios.
DescriptionWebsite | Forum | Development Roadmap

Screenshot Creator is a tool for creating screenshots at any resolution, even super HD, within the Unity Editor.


o Quickly create good high quality screenshots

   or wallpapers.

o Take multiple screenshots at multiple

   resolutions with a single click

o Multiple image overlays

o Take screenshots using any camera at all, even

   the Scene View (great for collaboration

   and information sharing).

o Scaling of screenshot resolution (for external

   resizing) allowing for more detailed renders.

o Real-time preview and following of the scene

   camera allowing you to perfectly & precisely

   place your cameras for screenshots.

Please note: There is currently a known bug within Unity itself preventing non-world-space UI items from being captured.
See This Forum Post for more information.
Once Unity's Developers fix this bug UI elements should be captured correctly.

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bad description, fancy tool by Anon_148Vote
when i first read the description, it says only in unity editor, i though fuck, i was looking for an asset that let me get screen shots inside the run time game not the editor, but i didn't give up, i went to the forum posts and i read, and what i see? from version v1.2 : Unity Pro Only:
Realtime (in-game) Screenshots, with API to go with it
In the next release a Screenshot Management component/gameobject will join to help manage this.
now, with unity 5 containing all the previous pro features, it means that we have this feature on the house.
Screenshot Creator v1.2.3
Added support for anti-aliasing as set within Quality Settings (only for Unity 4.2 or above)
Added the ability to load PlayerPrefs default screen resolutions into resolutions list
this means we can let our players decide on the resolution of the screen shots they want to take and keep those settings in player prefs
and finally : Screenshot Creator v1.3 is now available

Basic runtime screenshot manager (to be extended)

now, if you ever played skyrim, you would know how wonderful it is to be able to walk around the world, find a good place with nice scenery and then take a snap shot, in my opinion, that alone gives players courage to walk around the world and see all of your hard job. without this ability, i myself would prefer to use the built in fast travel ability, why would i waste 5 hours just to get from one city to another when i don't need to upgrade my character? yah. mechanics like this, although very simple, adds big impact to the game play experience. although, i would suggest sitting down and reading the code, not only to learn from it, but you may need to tweak it, for example, lets say you have an online game and you want to make it possible for your players to take screen shots and then post those screen shots to mysql database somewhere on the server and your main website would read those images and show them up in gallery. right now, i don't believe this asset would be able to handle it by itself, but you can easily sit and find where the asset saving section of the code is and tweak it so that instead of saving on hard drive, it would send it to web. that is why i said you should look into the code. other wise, i don't think any other asset out there can compete with this one on the job.
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