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diamond Visual Scripting 10/Aug/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: mezanix 1.2.3 Product ID: 73014 40 2 77 77 5 1

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diamond Visual Scripting(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_609 , Last change: 10-08-2018
Published: 17 Jul 2018, Publisher: mezanix
Price: $40.00 USD - Size: 6.82 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 2018.2.0f2 | Asset Published Date: 17 Jul 2018 | Price: $40.00.
Publisher: mezanix.
DescriptionGet Diamond and Game Design in one asset.
Game Design Visual Scripting, the Robust Time Killer.

diamond Visual Scripting democratizes games and apps development.

One adaptive node for all your needs, no massive library of nodes.

Intuitive UI, no need to cross the screen.

Linked integrated help, no search needed.

Ready scripts generation, no intrusion.

diamond Visual Scripting, the Time Saver.

Remove the folders "Assets/mezanix/Diamond" and "Assets/mezanix/MezLib" from your unity project before importing diamond.

Support |
Documentation |


Support email:


Game Values and high score list: to stock your game values, like: score, manas, health
etc ..
and the possibility to automatically generate high score list.

All unity contact events supported: OnCollision/Trigger/Enter/Stay/Exit/2D/3D in conjunction with the unity tag system, so you can detect any collision or trigger contact, and interact with.

take a look on terra Visual Scripting for diamond

Main Diamond features:

Unity Ads. Show video Ads to make revenue

Event system.
Global broadcasting event system.
Generated scripts communications

Access procedural materials, substances, and their procedural properties

PBR textures.
Combine your metallic, smoothness, and occlusion maps in one map

Enhanced parallax scrolling.
2D backgrounds and 3D objects

Enhanced UI.
Inputs/Outputs floating message showing the variable type, and "magnet linking" indicator

Light Component.
Access and modify light properties

Kepler Orbit.
Move your gameobject (planet) on a Kepler orbit with one logic node

Animation Curves.
Animate floats, vectors and colors.
Animate directly transforms position, rotation and scale.

Data Transfer.
Transfer and communicate data between generated scripts.


we are grateful to all Unity community members how participated to Diamonds kick-off and special thanks to:

Joel Rowney (alias Barada)






for their valuable suggestions and observations.

More information:

C# scripts generation.
with ease to identify, for each script, its node generator in your graph

Maintainable and easy extensible graphs, Well organized and adaptive flexible nodes helping you make many different logics by doing little changes to your graph

Intuitive user interface, you need something? you will find it at your mouse pointer

Hotkeys, to accelerate your workflow and for keyboard lovers.
Hotkeys list is accessible via Diamond editor

Smart Node, adaptive to your need in two clicks.
No need to search in an interminable list of nodes

Embedded documentation, with link buttons to the Unity Documentation website or Mezanix website for more information

Very fast way to learn the Unity API, You see what a Unity class does by using Diamond Smart Node, and in one click you are directed to the Unity Documentation website to learn more about this class

Diamond also does art, You manipulate textures and their pixels.
You also have access to 24 blend modes (screen, multiply, overlay, etc..).
Tile fastly your sprite by the Sprite Tiler Node, so you can finish your 2D platformer level design before finishing your breakfast.
3D grid spawner, spawn your objects in a customizable 3D grid

Automatic backup system, every few minutes Diamond make automatically a backup of you work in a folder called 'DiamondGraphsBackup' at your Unity project folders

The entire Unity Input Class with support of the cross platform standard asset.
Cross platform standard asset is not included in the package, when you need it, import it within the Unity Editor to be sure to have the one compatible with your Unity version

The Unity NavMesh Agent Class, for path finding and AI

Future Vision:

1) Every person has access to development tools.

2) Digital technology will be in all our life aspects and visual development tools will be essential.
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