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Item Drop for the uMMORPG 25/Dec/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: Bartłomiej Puchniewicz 1.12 Product ID: 76286 20 3 37 37 5 1

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Item Drop for the uMMORPG(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_373 , Last change: 25-12-2018
Published: 20 Dec 2018, Publisher: Bartłomiej Puchniewicz
Price: $20.00 USD - Size: 729.29 KB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 2017.4.17f1 | Asset Published Date: 20 Dec 2018 | Price: $20.00.
Publisher: Bartłomiej Puchniewicz.
Requires the uMMORPG package 1.152+ (Mirror) and basic C# knowledge.

Compatible with Management Tools for the uMMORPG.

Allows you to drop items on the ground and modifies the way monsters drop loot to be
individual items on the ground that can be picked up.

You can drop items from the inventory and equipment by just drag an item and drop it on the ground.
The item will fall to the ground in front of our character.

Item visibility range depending on the Network Proximity Checker to prevent overloading people with items that aren’t within their visible range.
Each Renderer component will be disabled on the server.

Item will be marked if their position has changed.
This function is called every 2 minutes.
All marked items will be saved every 4 minutes, removed after a period of time, 15 minutes by default and loaded from the Database after server restart.

After save all marked items are back to normal checking position cycle.

You can disable or configure a period of time after which an item will be automatically removed from the game.

Loot will be dropped on the ground in a small distance, randomly around a killed monster.

Hold down the LeftAlt key to see all item names in a certain distance around your character.

Hovering the cursor over an item will highlight it in white and display the name.

Item name color based on the rarity of the item.

Click on an item or label to pick it up.
You can also use the F key to pick the nearest item up.
Items can be picked up when you have enough space in your inventory, with the exception of Gold.
If the character is outside of the interaction range, the character will move closer automatically to pick the item up.

Additional fields to set in the ScriptableItem are Z Offset and rotation (Rot X, Rot Y, Rot Z).
They have been added to match the standard models from uMMORPG.
If you prepared your
models the right way, before import them to Unity engine, you should not need to change
anything here, but for the uMMORPG models it is necessary.

Gold sharing.
All gold picked up is shared between party members in the area.
Use the P key and check Gold Auto Share option in the panel.

Item linking.
Hold down the LeftCtrl key and click on an item from the inventory, item link will be
added to the message input area of your chat, between two brackets.
If an item link is already in the message input area and you will click on another item, that link will be replaced with a new one.
This means that only one link is allowed for one message.
Writing brackets and are disabled by default in the message input area, the exception is the method described above.
Use send button.
Item name
color based on the rarity of the item will be visible in the message, additionally with bold font.
Each player could then hover on that message, and see an instant pop up box showing that item's informations.

A few simple item models.

 Unity3d UE4

No Gallery to display.
Anon_4450 say: It is quite useful at least for new developers. Pretty much works out of the box!
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