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L.V.E - Lava & Volcano Environment 16/Sep/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: NatureManufacture 1,1,7 Product ID: 76929 35 1 44 44 5 1

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L.V.E - Lava & Volcano Environment(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_4159 , Last change: 16-09-2018
Published: 30 Jul 2018, Publisher: NatureManufacture
Price: $35.00 USD - Size: 2.5 GB

File version

Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 2017.1.0f3 | Asset Published Date: 30 Jul 2018 | Price: $35.00.
Publisher: NatureManufacture.
DescriptionPack Support

- Unity 2017

- Unity 2018

- Unity 2018 LW SRP

- Unity 5.6 (restup materials need)

L.V.E – Lava and Volcano Environment is big pack of environment, systems, tools, textures, particles, post processing stacks and models which give you the ability to create volcanos, caves, interiors, rivers in high quality result and very cheap in render setup.
Our spline and vertex paint tools which are included in this pack will support many very advanced systems/arts.
Rocks and textures in this packs could also be used as asteroids, or normal environment.
All assets, post processing, demos from video are included in the pack.
Tutorial scene will help you to get full info about features.
Pack co-work with our river water systems -R.A.M, its part of bigger system structure.Just play with it!


# 1 Spline tool:

- create very advanced connected lava river networks (lakes,seas,rivers,);

- customize your lava river via vertex paint;

- customize / overwrite automatic river flow map by painter and change it’s direction and speed;

- scale, move, rotate any lava river point;

- snap / unsap into the terrain or models in all or separated points;

- change spline shape per point or in all points to create best looking road or river;

- change triangle amount and distribut them in spline space to get cheaper and best looking spline;

- create fabulous lava river with: waterfalls, slow, fast, lake,;

- rotate, invert uv to make compatibility with every texture direction;

- profile system - save your lava setup and switch to other in 2 seconds;

- automatic river network refreshing system to avoid river connections problems;

- place your lava river or cliff border with few seconds and blend it with terrain via vertex color;

- debug your flow map / normal / vertex colors with advanced debug shader to get best and clear result;

- shape your terrain under spline (Alpha version);

- automatic stone heating function;

- R.A.M compatibility;

- simulate river tool, setup 1 point and R.A.M will analise space to create river;

- API;

- CSV points import panel;

- Vegetation Studio support;

- Vegetation Studio PRO support;

- Streaming friendly - cut your river into submeshes;

# 2 Shader and material features :

- cheap in render;

- 16 shaders and variants to fit scene performance and visual aspect;

- special mobile shaders;

- vertex paint tool;

- tessellation support;

- flow map support;

- vertex color support;

- rim light support;

- special shader for frozen lava;

- up to 3 different lava layers support;

- standard lava material in specular, metallic versions and vertex paint support for models;

- uv free materials for cliffs/interior walls with terrain blending;

- smoke and spark particle shaders;

- heated / distorted air particle shader;

- lava river shaders could rotate UV from U/-U into V/-V directions;

- shaders works on linear and gamma rendering (you only need to color and emission intensivity for gamma);

- cutout shaders versons for models;

- Unity 2018 LW SRP support

# 3 Artistic content:

- 99 (14 sets) Top and HQ ground and lava river textures (Albedo, Normal, AO, Height,Emission);

- 39 (14sets) rock and cliffs atlased textures (Albedo, Normal, AO, Height,Emission);

- 40 rock prefabs (20 models);

- 18 cliff prefabs (9 models);

- 11 particle prefabs, even volcano explosion with emissed rocks.;

- 2 cts profile file to get terrain height blend result by 1 click;

- 3 demo scenes from video;

- tutorial/ know how demo scene;

- post proces stack for each scene;

# 4 Additional tools content:

- vertex and flowmap painter on meshes;


Check also our R.A.M - River Auto Material which is based at same spline technology.
Links are below.

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Asset created in co-op with
we also would like to thanks our partners: Amplify Creations.
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