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Enemy Music 23/Aug/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: John Leonard French 1.1 Product ID: 76847 15 3 95 95 5 1

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Enemy Music(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_1693 , Last change: 23-08-2018
Published: 26 Aug 2015, Publisher: John Leonard French
Price: $14.50 USD - Size: 252.32 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 5.1.1f1 | Asset Published Date: 26 Aug 2015 | Price: $14.50.
Publisher: John Leonard French.
DescriptionGet this pack, & EIGHT others in

over 100 game music tracks for only $32.50.

Enemy Music
is a video game music pack for shooters, adventure and fantasy games, with themed action and combat tracks made for enemies, boss fights, ambushes, escapes and other dangerous scenes.
The music is a mix of percussion, orchestral and synthetic instruments.

Listen to the Tracks (Soundcloud)

Full Track List (PDF)

The pack includes TEN professionally created video game tracks, as well as FOUR looping percussion rhythms, TWO alert FX and FOUR bonus tracks taken from the popular Combat Collection PRO edition.

Professional Quality

Created and produced with industry quality instruments, effects and techniques, this is professional quality music at a low price.
Tracks are provided as CD quality WAV files, ready to be imported and compressed as you like.

Seamless Loops

No pops, no clicks, no gaps.
All of the looping tracks in this pack have been created to loop seamless by cutting the sine wave at the zero crossing point and adding the reverb tail to the start of the track.

Custom Work & Commissions

For custom soundtracks and original music for your game, I’m available to hire at reasonable rates.
I can also support crowdfunding campaigns and I'm open to collaborations.
I want to make good game music, affordable.

For more information visit

professional music | indie budget
 Unity3d UE4

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